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Patricia Colaco

Department of Psychology, York University

Welcome to my professional website for social psychological research. I am a Master's student in the social and personality area at York University, under the supervision of Dr. Jennifer Steele at the IPSC Lab. Passionate about investigating issues of racial and gender stereotyping and bias.

About Me

I completed my BSc in Honours Biomedical Sciences and Joint Honours Psychology at the University of Waterloo. Although I intended to work towards a career in optometry, having the opportunity to explore different fields and courses that I never would have thought to pursue introduced and ignited my passion for psychology. I became particularly fascinated with learning about intergroup relations, social issues, and the barriers many minority groups face. Some highlights of my undergraduate experience include meeting new people and creating long-lasting connections, volunteering to help the elderly and international students, and learning from outstanding professors who encouraged me to pursue academia. When I find the time to step away from academics, I spend time with my family and friends, reading or crafting. I love learning new handicrafts, whether it is beading a bracelet, knitting a cozy scarf, or crocheting a cardigan. 

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